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It is the successor to the tennis video game Top Spin 3 and the predecessor to the multiplayer spin off video game, Grand Slam. Contents Spin 4 was the fourth installment in the Top Spin series, which focused on tennis. It featured all the same aspects of Top Spin 3 and included a wide variety of new features. In the game, players were able to play with any tennis player out there, including the legends like Jimmy Connors, Martina Navratilova, and Boris Becker. The player's own likeness was captured to make the player model for the game. Being the successor to Top Spin 3, it also included the familiar faces of its predecessors, such as the court presentation and in-match presentation, as well as the same controls and items that had made the previous games so popular. The only new feature introduced was a "YouTube Videos" feature, which allowed players to search for YouTube videos of tennis matches, and play them in the game. The gameplay consists of players on both sides of the court, either going for shots or hitting volleys. During rallies, players could either serve, hit a forehand, backhand, or serve return. Players can choose different strategies to suit their style. Every player has a "Quick Serve" that is faster than standard serves and is only used in certain situations. Before a match, players can go to the "Prepare Room" to get their level and stats changed. These can be edited, or taken to the "Dynamic Match" mode. The player can also practice with different players on the Create-a-Player system. There were three different types of court surfaces in the game. The outdoor hard courts were the easiest of the three courts, the clay was next, and the grass was the hardest. The player's physical attributes influenced which court is selected, as well as speed. In the game, the player can choose to have the classic view of the court, where the player is in the center of the court looking down the court at the two players' positions, or the 3D view of the court, where the player can see the court from the perspective of one of the players. During gameplay, players can play either "Pre-Game", where they can go to the option screen to set their game type and strategy, or "In-Game", where the player can do the same thing during the actual game. During play, players can select different ways to manage the game



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Torrent Free Download Top Spin 4 Pc .torrent greche

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