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odt,.txt,.doc,.xls,.rtf,.odp,.ppt,.pps,.mov,.aac,.avi,.mp3,.wmv, and many more! The software also includes a full library of 650+ embedded photo editing tools to save time and improve your images.  Image2PDF PRO enables the creation of professional-looking PDF files from almost any type of image. The software is easy-to-use, and a guide, tutorial and a reference manual are available with the software's demo version.  Magick.NET is an open-source, native, command line image manipulation toolkit for.NET platforms, with many features similar to the widely used ImageMagick software. A notable user of StackOverflow is its founder Joel Spolsky. Awards and recognition In May 2007, a Stack Overflow programmer, Tim Bray, named Stack Overflow as the fourth most useful site for programmers of the month. In January 2008, Eric Sink launched the first Stack Overflow Summer of Code 2008. Since then, Stack Overflow has awarded more than $1,038,272 in scholarships to students in some of the participating open-source projects. In July 2008, Joel Spolsky was named one of the most influential programmers by PC World. In September 2008, a video of Jeff Atwood on a panel at the SF-User Group showered the internet with accolades. The video, "Internet We Love You", was first posted on YouTube and later acquired by the New York Times. In January 2009, Casey Muratori gave a speech at the SXSW conference that described the "stack overflow epidemic" as well as a number of other problem areas in the software industry. Awards and achievements Stack Overflow received the highest community impact rating in the CodePlex magazine. Stack Overflow, Microsoft, and others are helping the Vodacom Foundation to help eradicate leprosy in South Africa. References External links Stack Overflow – list of the top SO communities by traffic on web analytics company Quantcast Category:Community websites Category:American software websites Category:Technology websites Category:Internet properties established in 2005 Category:Stack Overflow Category:Websites about computing




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Universal Viewer Pro Download Portable valtra

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